About Wean The Weanz

In 2019, a new community space, Kidz n Kin, was opened by Kidzeco to extend their practical support of West Lothian families with babies and young children.

Kidz n Kin provides a safe and welcoming environment for local families to meet and socialise with their peers; where they can engage in a variety of play opportunities, structured workshops and also attend a range of baby and toddler classes.

'Wean the Weanz' is a health-based initiative to provide and promote the basic skills, knowledge and also the practical equipment for parents to make their own babies food at home. The project is delivered through a range of fun and interactive workshops, including home cooking, weaning advice and oral hygiene information sessions.

Wean the Weanz initiative began in Blackburn, West Lothian in 2008 as a project to provide information and practical support for healthy early feeding. It was co-ordinated in those early days by Blackburn Early Years Action Group. The project included running weaning roadshows and courses, providing the basic skills, knowledge and equipment parents needed to make their own baby food.

From this the Wean the Weanz booklet was produced.

As times have changed, the Wean the Weanz booklet has been developed and modernised into a mobile phone application; ensuring that information is up to date, relevant and in line with current Scottish government guidelines.

In 2020, Kidzeco further developed the Wean The Weanz app; introducing additional family and budget-based recipes and FAQs in line with health and nutrition guidance including weaning, cooking and positive oral hygiene.